Prayerful and Careful

As we gather together once more, some things remain the same and some things have changed. I have mentioned as we began meeting again in our Sanctuary that we intend to be prayerful and careful. These two go together. One should not only be prayerful without taking care for health and well-being. The child of God should not only be careful without continuing in prayer and worship! Yes, these two go together. Recently I mentioned that Saint John has endeavored all along to act on the side of caution. We wish to continue in this vein. We are strongly encouraging masking for the safety of others, particularly as we prepare to sing together in our worship. Although we are now offering the Lord's Supper, I do not wish for any to be uncomfortable. As I administer the gifts my mask will remain on and we will continue carefully as we continue prayerfully. It is completely appropriate to remain in your pew if you are not prepared to come forward.

Again, some things remain the same and some things have changed. To that end I am preparing what I am calling Etiquette Sheets. Some time ago at Saint John we had made use of a list of suggestions for proper etiquette in our worship together. These items ranged from suggestions on entering with reverence, to avoiding actions that might distract our neighbor in the faith. This list has fallen into disuse over time, and so, having discussed with our elders, the plan is to update and consolidate the list for our use today. We might then include it in our worship bulletins with the goal of aiding all participants in the service, even as the Lord serves us in his grace!

We wish to act prayerful and careful in our worship and in our lives. Our church marquee has

these words upon it, “We walk by faith not by sight.” I mentioned in worship recently that these seem as fitting words for our times. We may not understand all that is happening in our lives. We do not see what is coming just ahead, but we continue on in faith in our Savior looking to his light. In darkened times I have endeavored to let the light shine! We are now making use of our historic candelabra and altar candles from our former church. May these additional lights in our sanctuary altar space serve to enlighten our worship and even inspire our faith. Some things remain the same and some things have changed, but as we begin again together, let these days be ones of celebration as we bask in the light of Christ and in his word for always!

Let us share together prayerfully and carefully. The Lord be with us all.

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