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Get Involved

St. John has many different groups for you to "get involved" with.  Our Faith groups include Sunday School, adult bible study and our choirs.  Fellowship groups include a Lunch Bunch, evangelism and numerous fundraising events.  Our Service groups include helping with worship services, helping with our facility upkeep,  and finding community action events for the congregation to participate in.

Chorister Choir

If you like to sing, consider joining our choir.


The choir sings anthems at most worship services during the school year. During the Advent season, they perform a service of Lessons and Carols. On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, they perform pieces befitting the mood of the services.  

Contact Matthew Bartlett at for more information.

Handbell Choir

The handbell choir always rings at Easter and Reformation services, and during the Advent season. They perform anthems, preludes, or offertories at other services throughout the year as well.

Contact Matthew Bartlett

at for more information

Adult Bible Class

During the regular school year, the Adult Bible Study meets each Sunday morning at 9:00. They cover a wide variety of interesting Bible topics and you can always expect to participate in a spirited discussion!

Tuesday morning Bible Study meets at 10:00.

Sunday School

The Sunday School meets with children of all ages from pre-school through high school.  The children learn about God's love for us and how to keep Jesus in our hearts.


The Sunday School meets at 9:00 every Sunday morning during the school year.

Vacation Bible School

St. John restarted its Vacation Bible School last summer.  For one week, children learned about Jesus and his love and sacrifice for us.

This summer program takes place in a more relaxed setting, focusing on music, games, art, and fun!

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