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Our Worship


The Service of our God

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The sound of the bell toll calls us to meditate before the Lord as we prepare for the holy moment to come. We rise to sing our Lord’s praises and then mark ourselves with the sign of his cross at the speaking of his name. After this we fall to our knees to confess and then to hear the pardon for sin that our Lord alone can give! As Christians we express ourselves with words and also with actions in worship to indicate, direct and perhaps even assist in expressing reverent devotion. Historic Christian worship makes use of sights and sounds to fill the senses and thereby fill the faith!

Worship at Saint John Lutheran Church can be described as Divine Service. Another way to say this is that worship is the service of God. Here God is present to serve his people with his word and Spirit! In the Divine Service we are gathered by God to hear, believe, and receive of his gifts.


There is also a rhythm to our worship in scripture and in song. The Lord speaks in the readings and we respond in singing! We listen and then give him praise! We respond in faith to his call to come to the Lord’s Supper. Communion is celebrated each week among us. We are blessed to frequently share in the table of the Lord that we might reflect on his sacrifice, and with repentant faith receive of what he offers in his grace.


It is a holy moment. In the Divine Service God meets us and calls us in his word and Spirit that we might set our minds on things above, and that all who gather may experience a moment of heaven on earth. Please join us to share in this service of our God!

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