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We prepare for a season of giving and of gifts. Yet, with all of the busyness in preparation it seems to me that it is the personal celebration that means the most this time of the year. The best gifts are always the personal ones! Isn’t that what this season is meant to be about? It is about celebrating personal time with God and with one another! This season then finds its truest meaning in a God who gets real and personal with us in sending his Son to our world!

Advent is now upon us. Advent has to do with “coming.” This is the time of year that we anticipate the coming not only of a holiday, but also of the Savior of the world born in a manger. During this Advent season we will offer three mid-week services on Wednesday evenings. These brief, devotional services will meet at 7pm on Wednesdays, December 6, 13, and 20.

Of course what Advent anticipates, Christmas celebrates! We will celebrate God’s gift together during our Christmas Eve service at 5pm. Yes, this is the season we celebrate our God who gets personal with us since this God has become one of us! This is he who came to earth to change us all through the forgiving power he earned in his life, death and resurrection. It’s true. The best gifts are always the personal ones! As we enter this season let us then anticipate and prepare to celebrate the gift of God in Jesus Christ our Lord!

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