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Message from 75th Anniversary Program

St. John's 75th anniversary marks another important milestone in its long and varied history.  For us who love St. John's it is an occasion of sincere joy coupled with Christian humility and Christian gratitude.

Pastor Paul Woy recalls...Pastor Wm. F. Koepchen of New Haven succeeded Pastor Krafft.  His induction into office August 10, 1890 marked a bright chapter in St. John's history.   November 27, 1890 the congregation celebrated its 25th anniversary and began to plan a new church building.  With courageous faith and great sacrifices the members set themselves to their new task.  During the removal of the old church and the erection of the new, the congregation worshiped in the Town Hall.  March 13, 1892 the new beautiful edifice was dedicated - truly, a great achievement.

Pastor S.F. Glaser became Pastor Koepchen's successor.  March 29, 1900 he was installed into office.  An excellent organ was installed; the parsonage was enlarged; the various societies of the congregation built and equipped the parish hall in the rear of the parsonage.  In 1938, the Ladies' Aid added a fine kitchen and also built a fine garage for the pastor's car.

In 1937, the congregation was shocked when after a short illness its faithful shepherd Pastor Glaser was suddenly called home after having served Saint John's for 37 years.  ALL GLORY TO GOD.

Celebration Services for the 75th anniversary were held in English and German with special music by the children's choir, solo by Miss Ella Rufleth, and a duet by Mrs. and Mr. Henry Ketelhut.

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