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Still Prayerful – Still Careful

“We walk by faith not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

Last year I sent out a newsletter article with the title “Prayer and Careful”. What follows is a reworking of that article as we are facing much the same situation now as we did last year at this time. In our services I have been mentioning that we still intend to be prayerful and careful together.

I have shared in the past that these two go together. One should not only be prayerful without taking care for health and well-being. Last year I had been mentioning that Saint John has endeavored all along to act on the side of caution. We wish to continue in this vein at this time. Having said that, the child of God should not only be careful without being prayerful! Continuing in prayer and worship, as we are able, is best for the child of God. These two go together. Will you plan to share with your family of faith in this way?

Last year at the time of the article our church marquee had these words upon it, “We walk by faith not by sight”. I shared at that time that this is how it is for the Christian. We do not see what is coming just ahead or around the corner, but we continue on in faith in our Savior looking to his light during darkened times!

And thankfully we see that our God is care-ful! That is, he cares. In fact he is full of care for his people and still speaks and acts for our salvation. So, as we are able, let us pray, let us worship together as we continue to walk by faith not by sight! In this coming season may these be times of joy in God’s presence as we endeavor to share together prayerfully and carefully.

The Lord is with us still!

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