Our Savior speaks!

We enter the season of Lent. As we gather we will explore the seven last words (or statements) of the Savior from the cross during our mid-week Lenten services. These statements are truly Jesus’ “famous last words.” Seven is a number of completion and perfection in scripture. In these seven statements of the Savior we have seven perfect words from a perfect Man. This perfect Man offered the perfect life on behalf of the imperfect as our sin was spoken for that Good Friday.

So in Lent we begin the journey together with Jesus to his cross. We make our beginning on Wednesday February 14th as we share our Ash Wednesday services at both 3pm and 7pm. Then we will continue with devotional mid-week Lenten services each Wednesday at 7pm.

Our Savior speaks. He still speaks a perfect word today for you and for me. As we gather may the Lord speak to our lives, ever giving us his guidance to contemplate and to live by!