Holy Week-Holy Life!

We are coming to the close of the Lenten season and now approach Holy Week. We begin journeying with Jesus into the city on Palm Sunday. This procession of praise ended for our Lord in his passion and death. To prepare for this Jesus shared a holy evening with his disciples on the night in which he was betrayed. Commemorating this we will share in Holy Thursday with a service beginning at 7 pm on March 29th. Jesus offered his life on the altar of the cross on Friday. We will worship on Good Friday, March 30th at 7pm as we remember and celebrate this Holy Life offered for us sinners.

As we celebrate Holy Week may we be reminded of the holy life we ourselves are called to in Jesus Christ our Savior! Our entire lives are to be “holy,” that is, set apart for special use by him! Our Savior sets us apart by his gift of pardon. This gift of his forgiveness we experience and celebrate during Holy Week and our whole lives long.

We will conclude the week with the Easter Vigil service at 5pm on Saturday of that weekend. This “pre-Easter” service of light in darkness prepares us for the celebration to come on Easter Sunday morning, April 1st as we celebrate the rising of this Holy Life offered to God! Our Easter service times are: 8:00 am and 10am. We will also share our Easter breakfast at 9am with an opportunity for food and fellowship. As we celebrate Holy Week may we be reminded of the Holy Life offered for us and the holy life we are called to in Jesus Christ our living Savior!