Hearing is believing!

Your decrees are very trustworthy;

holiness befits your house, O Lord, forevermore.

Your throne is established from of old;

you are from everlasting.

Taken from the Introit for Christmas 1:

Psalm 93:1, 3–4; antiphon: vv. 5, 2

As I considered my newsletter article for the beginning of the new year, I could think of no topic more appropriate than something that might focus us all on the words of our God! In this “information age” in which we live it seems that words have less meaning than ever before. Words are for texting, posting, or blogging. Words are often for advertising or for promoting self or some personal view. As a result, words today are easily overlooked, deleted, or forgotten….

The Introit psalm for the first Sunday after Christmas begins the worship saying, “Your decrees are very trustworthy…” God says in his words that we live in a world where Satan, the god of this age, has blinded the minds of people, so that they cannot see the light of God’s word and don't want to see it either. So many today often doubt God’s words/the Bible in relation to life as if it no longer applies.