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Greater Grace!

"But he gives more grace.” James 4:6

Why worship? It is a good question for God’s people. The analogy to food and nourishment is helpful here since refreshment and nourishment are necessary for life. Those who name th ename of Christ are called to the table of his grace or graciousness. Our God gives "more grace" James reminds us. Here he literally says, “greater” grace! That is, our God gives enough and overflowing of his forgiving presencein Jesus Christ! After all, as God’s word reminds it is of his fullness we have all received grace upon grace! We might say in the words of the hymn that Jesus alone fully "satisfies the hungry heart..." No wonder we come frequently to feed on what God gives as we gather.

God’s grace is also medicine for the sick soul! It was St. Augustine many centuries ago who once said, “Because I always sin I always need the medicine!” Our God is gracious with forgiveness for the sin-sick soul! Over the summer season we will be offering a special study on worship and it’s meaning for our lives. We will cover what it is and why we share it as we explore the meaning of the church year and the historic liturgy as well. Our weekly date and time for our meetings will soon be announced. I look forward to sharing this time with many of you!

Why worship then? It is because that is where our God meets us so personally and gives more to us all there than we could ever ask or think. All thanks be to our God as we gather and are gathered together in his name!

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