Frequent feeding!

“Why do I have to go to church?” It is a question asked by many young people perhaps on a Sunday morning! The analogy to food and nourishment is helpful here. Refreshment and nourishment are necessary for life. Aren’t they? These are just as necessary in our lives of faith. God calls us to be ever feeding upon his good word and grace and to do that as we worship together!

We have explored over time the gift of worship and what it means for our faith. Worship is in God’s word and we feed on this word regularly as food for our faith. Just as frequent feeding is a part of life, so too it is in our lives of faith! We are in the season of Epiphany celebrating our Lord revealing himself for our salvation. He does this as he provides for us his saving and strengthening word. Let us the frequently feed on this word and in the words of the Catechism, “go joyfully to the sacrament and receive refreshment, comfort, and strength” there. Yes! Let us frequently feed at the Meal, also in scripture, story and song receiving that food of God’s word to better our faith, drawing us closer to our loving Savior! Where else should we go but to our Lord? He alone has the words of eternal life!

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