Advent Expectation

"For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.”

- Jeremiah 31:25

We live in a weary world…Would you agree? As we look around us trouble abounds on planet earth. We see the effects of sin and death in our personal world as well. We see sin around us but also within us as his people. Where is the hope? As I write this it is the first week in Advent. Advent means anticipation. Advent anticipates Jesus’ coming to rescue his people from their sin and as I have shared recently, even from themselves!

Advent is a season of expectation and hope as we seek the one who once came to save! Jesus came as Savior of all and of our own personal world. Yet still he comes as he is present among us in his word and worship. There he calls to us all. Remember Jesus’ invitation? “Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest!” And also, “Come and find rest for your souls!” In these words we see not only that Jesus calls us to come, but that he comes to us!

Our Savior still comes among us and calls as we gather in his name. He is the Lord who promises to satisfy the weary soul and to replenish our often-empty hearts and lives in his saving grace! So as we gather for his word and worship we rest and are refreshed in his presence. This is the purpose of his worship. Will you join us then where true hope and rest are found? We will gather in his name to share the celebration of the Nativity on Christmas Eve this year at 5pm. For Christmas Day, a Saturday this year, we will offer a special morning service at 10am. Although we normally hold an evening Saturday service this Christmas morning celeb