A Day in the Life of a Pastor

This month for my newsletter article there is something a bit different. I recently heard a pastor say that he felt that the people of the church tend to have no idea what a pastor does on a day to day basis. Well, that got me thinking! I decided to share with you a general outline of my day! Now, please understand that what I will now share with you does represent an ideal on some level.

Life has its interruptions and surprises. However, what follows does give a general outline of the highlights of a typical day for me. Although each day differs from one to the other.

Now, I have often said to people that I can only give what I first receive. How can I teach it or preach it if it is not real to me? In a pastor’s ministry reflection leads to action. These are two side of the same coin. So, the day will begin with prayer and the reading/study of God’s word. This is why the place where I read and pray is called the pastor’s Study. In addition to this I endeavor to continue spiritual enrichment through further reading and study beyond the Bible. There are also times during the day that I stop whatever I am doing for a brief time of prayer in the chapel or sanctuary.

Of course there is sermon work to do beginning on Monday morning and sometimes Sunday afternoon! Sermon work is very involved. There is much that goes into it, from prayer to preparation in the ancient languages, to further reading and then writing and finally rehearsing. Two to three fairly full days tends to meet my needs for the sermon preparation. Studies and classes such as Sunday School and Confirmation also take a bit of time to prepare and also to lead. There are, of course calls or visits to make. I look forward to getting together once more with our homebound members as I prepare to deliver the word and Lord’s Supper to them.