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2010 Women't Mini-retreat

Sixteen women attended the spring retreat, “The Wisdom of Women,” which was held at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT on March 6. Together we shared the wisdom of our-selves and our friends, using symbols which each person had gathered and brought with her. In searching the Scriptures for God’s wisdom, we discovered insights from Ephesians and James which helped us define how wisdom creates compassion and love in our lives. Each person was asked to consider herself as a wise woman, created by God to love and discern the world through the gifts of her creator. Exploring our wis-dom as children, we read the children’s story Owl Moon and related wisdom to the trust which we have as little ones to the trust we have in God. At the end of the day, each person created a mandala, which is a sacred circle containing images which represented her creative wisdom. After drawing the mandala, the outline was traced with sand, which was then combined with the sand of all the mandalas and placed in small containers to take home as a reminder of the shared wisdom of his group. Participants also took home prayers written by each other to ask God daily for the gift of wisdom.

Post Date: 2010-03-16